In the Danger Zone?


Yesterday, I drove from Lincoln City to Astoria and back just because. (It’s a beautiful drive: I’d like to say it was the most beautiful stretch of road I’ve been on yet, but I think every inch of road I’ve traveled in the western states is absolutely gorgeous.)

Signs similar to the one above were all along the 101. I was not scared. My phone didn’t have service most of the way but when I arrived back in Lincoln City, I had all these texts waiting from my sister back in New Mexico, who had just watched a Nova special on the likelihood of a massive earthquake and resulting tsunami on the Oregon coast. (Interestingly, the NM/AZ border experienced a 5.2 shake while I was on my coastal drive yesterday, a rare occurrence for that part of the country.)

I do not stress about these kinds of things: so much is beyond my control. But I am afraid of being in an earthquake; I’ve never experienced one and it frightens me. However, I’m continuing not to freak about it even though I’m reading up on seismic activity in the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve driven through a lot of earthquake zones on this trip, not even realizing how much seismic activity has been going on around me. A week before I went to Yellowstone, the northwestern area of the park experienced quite a few tremors. Same with Idaho and Oregon; each of these states have been experiencing a lot of minor tremors. I know my science, I’ve read up on the high possibilities of devastating earthquakes in these areas. But I’m just not worried. Here I am, near the mouth of the Kraken, and I’ll dive in if I have to.


(This is a card I bought in Portland a few days ago for a surfer friend. It is from a deck of cards by an artist whose blog can be viewed here:


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