Transformation Over Change


A week ago, a friend who works for a non-profit called Shakti Rising ( sent out an email assignment:

1. Take a quiet moment to read the Heart of Shakti – even if you’ve read it before, read it again with new ears and an open spirit!  2. Choose a phrase or sentence that speaks to your heart and spirit.  3. Tell us why you’re drawn to that line, and how it lives within you (or perhaps how you’re cultivating it to live in you more fully)  4. Email your response to me!  Optional step 5: Also include an image that either harnesses that line, or just a beautiful picture of nature that you love. We’ll be putting the line you chose on that image to post on Facebook.

I want to pass on this assignment to each of you; below, you can see the passage I chose, and my explanation for choosing it.


Our purpose for existence is simple: transformation as a way of life.

I choose this sentence because it captures the ideal of living this life: transformation. Going with life where it takes you while staying true to the path you’re on. Personally, I have been working on my own transformation for the last nine months—on becoming a better person every day while staying true to myself, on not being stagnant, on keeping an open mind and spirit, on making healthy changes, on bending with the wind rather than fighting against it… Change is an essential part of life, but the word transformation implies growth, evolution, and positive, strong change. It is my goal to keep this in mind every day, with every action: that a transformative life is a healthy life.

The sentence above reminds me of three things the most:

  1. Zen teachings

  2. The book Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach

  3. The ocean at sunset, or the desert when it rains



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