The cops are dressed like Bane.

Them and us are nameless.

This is how Fascism begins.

The heroes are the villains in this new eclipse.

“Fighting drugs” means children slain, grenades, broken doors.

Free the radicals.

Keep throwing money down the drain.

The sky’s greatest gig is emptiness.

Huddling together, sitting in idling trucks, trying to drown the rain.

Like sheep?

In reality, sheep are a brave, clever collective.

Should we continue to be frogs, realizing it’s too hot when it’s already too late to jump away from the boiling point?

Should we carry on, feigning awareness through Facebook?

Should we keep living under the covers, obsessed with our damaged brains, ignoring the holocaust outside?

Or should we be like sheep—

Speak and breathe. Time is on the run.

The 21st Century could be any color we like.

To evolve or devolve? The answer is up to us.



This is a poem I wrote yesterday. It’s a strange one and I could probably take some more time to edit it, but I felt the need to share these words while everyone’s talking about police brutality, bias and militarization. We all need to remember that we can change the way we treat each other and our world, but it takes action not inaction. I feel that humans have a choice in the 21st Century: we can all kill each other and destroy our Earth, or we can work together to make the world more beautiful. I write these words and paint pretty pictures in hopes that people will choose the latter. In this world that often feels exactly like the cruel Orwellian future we’ve all feared, it’s important that we get away from the depressing media circus and go outside, having face-to-face contact with other humans and creatures, remembering the whole time that the world is our beautiful home to take care of together.

Have a nice weekend: spread some love, pick up some trash, and give your enemies a hug.


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